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The SCOOTER Developmental Hockey League will give your child the opportunity to utilize the skills learned during the Developmental Skills program and apply them in a game situation.  Coach Cheli and his staff will divide the skaters up into equally skilled teams that will play each other every week.  We will be using the ADM program that is very popular with USA Hockey.  The league is formatted so that each team will have 9 players and will play 3 on 3 format with 2 minute shifts using a cross-ice setting.  Each team has a coach and all games will be supervised by Coach Cheli or his staff.  Each student will receive equal ice time, encouragement by coaches and staff, develop confidence, and be part of a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.  This is a great opportunity to get your child into game mode before our famous Mighty Mite Developmental Hockey League begins.

* Scooters are Ages 4 - 8 - divided into 2 divisions, U6 and U8.
* Prerequisite: Currently enrolled in Tot Hockey Beginner 2 & 3 levels. 
* Must be registered for Tot Hockey Classes to participate in this league


  • Playing on a smaller ice surface results in increased puck possession time for each player, producing more chances for scoring opportunities
  • Quick individual technical development
  • Frequent line changes in the game means more ice time for each player.  
  • Each player's activity increase greatly
  • Developing hockey sense & quicker decision making skills
  • 50 minute games & 10 games total
  • 1 Practice/Skills Day
  • Develop passion for the game of hockey and have lots of fun!

* Prior to registration please review all Program Guidelines

** Please read the All Seasons Ice Rink Policies

DATES: MARCH 2018 to JUNE 2018