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Mighty Mites Developmental Hockey League

This is Stage 2 in the All Seasons Developmental Hockey League Program.  This league is designed to give kids the opportunity to play in a team setting. Your child will take all the skills taught to them throughout the year and utilize these skills in a game situation using the USA 1/2 Ice Hockey ADM Model. Additionally, they will be introduced to the rules of the game along with positional play. 

Pre-requisite: Pre-Mite Hockey at the Intermediate, Advanced or Elite Levels or all phases of the PreHockey level.

Season: March 14th, 2020 to May 10th, 2020

Cost*: $249 

*Note: A slush fund of $35 is collected for last names on the back of jerseys, hockey socks, end of season bbq, along with game awards for the kids. This is collected when jerseys and socks are handed out.

STRUCTURE OF THE LEAGUE: Schedule is on back of this sheet *Please note that the schedule on the back is a tentative schedule.

Eval Game and Practice: We will have teams spilt by skill sets before the evaluation game. At that time we will move kids around to make sure each and every team is as balanced as can be.

Instructional Practice Games: 4 Practice games will give us the opportunity to teach your child the structure of the league and how to play 1/2 ice games. We will also work on line changes, positions along with teaching kids team play.

Games:  We will have  6 Regular Season Games which each team will play each other 2x. We will then have the Chelios Cup Championship Showdown Game on either Saturday May 9 or May 10. On that day we will have a BBQ for everyone along with bouncy houses and raffles for all friends, families and siblings to attend. Its a blast.

Ages - 4 to 8 Years Olds - who are currently enrolled in Pre-mite Intermediate, Pre-mite Advanced Hockey, or Pre-Hockey Development Program.

For proper skill development, it is highly recommended to participate in Developmental Hockey Classes while participating in the Mighty Mites Hockey League.  

Highlights of Mighty Mites

  • Equal ice time for all players
  • Team Jersey
  • Learn positioning, rules and penalties 
  • Learn team play concepts of ice hockey & sportsmanship
  • Develop confidence in a game play mode
  • A fun and enjoyable environment for players and parents
  • Develop hockey sense & decision making skills
  • Follow the USA ADM Model Program
  • 1 Eval Game, 1 Practice, 4 practice games, 6 games and Chelios Cup Championship Weekend

* Please review all Program Guidelines
** Please read the All Seasons Ice Rink Policies
***There are no refunds on ANY programs. Credits may be issued with a medical excuse submitted to management.